Our bedding materials are produced from chemical-free, untreated plantation pine.  We offer a range of bedding products for Herd Homes, Calves, Foals and Kids as well bulk shavings for Poultry Growers.


Our 100% chemical-free kiln-dried pine shavings provide a warm, dry, and soft bed for your new calves, foals, and kids.  The ideal indoor-bedding material for those first stages and the gold-standard in bedding for housed-goats and poultry.

Shavings Bales

100% chemical-free, kiln dried pine shavings compressed into standard wool-packs (approx. 95kg).

Contact us to discuss the best bedding materials for your animal welfare application — whether that be your horse stud stables, livestock stand-off pads, calf-rearing operations, dairy goat bedding or commercial poultry sheds.


Of course if you just need something carted, we can do that also!  Our handsome fleet of trucks and trailers offer different capabilities from large bulk materials to flat-deck, curtain-siders for side-loading.