The single-most important factor for welfare and productivity is the ability of your herd to lie down comfortably. Cow lie-down time comprises 8-13 hours per day and like us, they are happiest, healthiest and most productive when provided with a soft, dry surface.


Post Peelings consist of stringy slivers of pine wood that create a soft, spongy matt surface that encourages cows to lay down when they need to, reducing lameness and providing a free-draining surface.  Post peel is durable and stands up well to weathering making it the ideal solution for dairy housing and stand-off pads.

Wood Chip

Our wood chip is used for cow housing and is ideal for outdoor wintering and stand-off pads.  Provides a free-draining and hard-wearing material that is durable and cost-effective.

Contact us to discuss the best bedding materials for your animal welfare application — whether that be your horse stud stables, livestock stand-off pads, calf-rearing operations, dairy goat bedding or commercial poultry sheds.


Of course if you just need something carted, we can do that also!  Our handsome fleet of trucks and trailers offer different capabilities from large bulk materials to flat-deck, curtain-siders for side-loading.